Public and private buildings

It’s customary to distinguish between public and private buildings in the construction industry. Entreprises G. Moury is a public works general contractor. It holds the highest certification in public works buildings (class 8D) which allows it to bid on public procurement contracts of unlimited amounts. In addition, it also holds 6D24 (renovation), 5E (civil engineering), 5G (earthworks), 3D7 (ironwork) and 1D20 (metal millwork) certifications. Our customers include all organisations working on behalf of the government or other public entities. Public customers also include university institutions fully or partially funded by the government and legal entities in which the public authorities hold a majority share and which are on the list approved by the King.

Retail premises

Retail premises are spaces intended for the sale of products and/or services.

Thanks to a century of experience, Entreprises G. Moury are YOUR partner for the construction of retail spaces. Together with Mosabois, a member of the Moury Construct Group, and thanks to our overall control of the supply chain, we can provide a complete A to Z solution. It’s an asset we share with you.

All types of warehouses and events venues

GM also specialises in the construction of all types of warehouses and events venues. Whether used for warehousing, sports or parcel sorting, Entreprises G. Moury can build THE ideal structure and optimise your costs with your needs.

Thanks to our flat and lean organisation, we are always listening to your needs and can provide a very flexible response.


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