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Bouwteam – Project studies and design

Are you looking for a hassle-free tailored solution that meets your needs? Let’s work TOGETHER on a Bouwteam solution: project studies and design.

Thanks to this approach, we include everyone involved in our commercial proposal. From the client, to the architect, to the engineering firm, to the general contractor…we manage everything for you.

We will be at your side, from our first meeting through project completion. Our organisation enables us to share information extremely quickly, which improves flexibility. This is a very clear added value for us compared to the competition.

Our experience spans a hundred years and enables us to select the teams and materials with the best quality/price ratio in line with your requirements and budget.

We include your requirements from the start of the project to provide THE solution best suited to your needs.

The Bouwteam and GM also provide the assurance that deadlines and costs will be managed throughout the project.



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